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Digital Account Statement

Try out the digital account check process for yourself. Get an impression of what data can be generated and processed.


Contract Check

Summary of existing insurance contracts incl. relevant contract information.


Credit Check

Overview of all income and relevant expenses in connection with a transparent assessment of the financial situation.


Consumption Analysis

Relevant insights into the client's life situation to support the counselling interview.


Insurance Pay

Secure and simple online payment tool in your corporate design.

To the payment

Tenant Check

Secure and verified overview of all relevant information from prospective tenants.


All-in-One Credit Check

Delivery and classification of the most relevant key figures for lenders in the application process to ensure a reliable credit assessment.


Due Diligence Report

For an overall view of the origin of the user's financial means and circumstances.


Debt Collection Check

Complete check of a current open amount to create an individual instalment payment. Including upgrading through relevant key figures.

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